My Story: Modern Witnesses

It was such an honor to be interviewed by Gabriela Yareliz of Modern Witnesses, a public forum and ministry representing the modern Christian woman.  Gabriela is amazing and has created such a powerful and inspirational space for women to openly tell their stories, share their faith, their struggles and their triumphs and to bring about encouragement, growth and connection with one another.  We are all in this together and our stories have the power to encourage and spur each other on as we walk out this life here on earth.

IMG_4579What I want people to know about God when they see me, listen to me or read anything that I write is that he is just so present and so acquainted with us. He cares so much and he comes right there in the middle of it all, right in the middle of the mess, and he always carries us through.  I’d love for you to check out my interview here.

I am sure you will also be encouraged by stories of all of the inspiring women represented and featured by Modern Witnesses.  Be sure to check them out and follow along!

Modern Witnesses

Link to interview:


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