i think it’s about time
to shake off the dust
yesterday’s cares
last season’s disappointments
all the what if’s and why didn’t’s
that hope deferred feeling
the weariness and fatigue from the travel
the fog of trying to remember what it is you’ve been clinging to all this time
the lines get so blurred after a while
just try it, throw off the grief and trauma of it all
dust yourself off and wiggle your feet clear
clear your throat and lift your drooping head


let the wind come and blow it all away
and let the second wind come for your good
no more clinging to the umbrella of heaviness
it’s keeping you from the autumn rains
that have come for your refreshment
dip your hands in the puddle collecting near your feet
clean your fingernails from the dirt of your own efforts
step in and let the waters wash over your toes
lay that old season down for a rest now
it’s time to let it all go


sleep off the clouds of shady grays and blues
and make room for fresh dreams
awaken with eyes wider than ever before
doesn’t it look new
you were just asleep that’s all
the sun is now peeking through
yes the morning is dawning
you’ve been waiting for this moment
the air may be crisp but these skies are the truest of blue
breathe in fresh, exhale your relief
the newness is abounding around you


so get up and be going now, you’ve got things to do
the journey’s past helped build you, you’ll see
onward, you’re ready now and light as ever

star-1139372_640The original draft of “Onward” was submitted to FaithWriters’ “The Official Writing Challenge,” on the topic, “Blue,” (challenge week 11/9/17) and was awarded 1st Place, Level 2, Intermediate and 5th Place overall (Editor’s Choice Winner).


FaithWriters.com, The Ultimate Community for Christian Writers, Silver Member.


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